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  • Lock for sliding doors
  • 4 points lock with closing facility turning the handle up (90º) and locking the central point with the key
  • Closing by 4 dead bolts
  • Anti-mishandling system (locking the handle in open-door mode)
  • Possibility to tide the handle passing at 21,5mm ↑↓ or directly to the lock
  • 2300 x 16 x 6 mm and 2300 x 22x 6 mm “U” shape SS front plate
  • 15mm closed box
  • 7mm square ruler
  • Cylinder set screw
  • Complete range of cylinders
  • Coupling kit and additional closing point
  • Customized study of strike plates
  • Other front plates upon request
  • Hook dead bolt only
  • Cylinder not included
  • 7mm square ruler
  • Hook dead bolt only
  • Cylinder not included
  • 8mm square ruler