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  • Automatic lock system by 3 latch bolts and 2 hook up/down dead bolts
  • Automatic shooting of the (independent) hook up/down dead bolts by magnetic technology
  • Total locking system through central sliding dead bolt activated by the key
  • Box depth 15mm: avoids the machining of the profile at the back of the box
  • Handle tied passing at 21,5mm  and up to 45mm .
  • 1850mm long front plate
  • 16mm, 22mm, 24mm SS flat front plate and 24,5*6 “U” shape SS front plate
  • Reversible latch bolts through semi-automatic system
  • 15mm closed box
  • 8mm square ruler
  • Strike plate according to the lock
  • Cylinder set screw
  • Possibility of different front heights
  • Complete range of strike plates
  • Complete range of cylindres
  • The motor works in DC. A 3 wire cable of 6m long is included.
  • Cylinder not included
  • Motor not included
  • Intelligent electromechanical supplement for the motorization of the lock