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  • Maximum softness by means of gear mechanism
  • Multi point lock with 16 mm, 22 mm and 24 mm SS flat front plate or 24,5*6 “U” shape SS front plate
  • 1850mm long front plate
  • 11mm reversible and adjustable latch bolt
  • Up and down points with hook and bolt
  • Minimum stock: 3 versions in 1 lock (latch bolt/ roller/ dead bolt only)
  • Sliding dead bolt
  • Designed according to EN12209 and pr. EN15685
  • Compatible with lon/DIN or short cam cylinders
  • 15mm closed box
  • 8mm square ruler
  • Cylinder set screw
  • In option 2300 mm long front plate (serie 4E2GB)
  • In option 1500 mm long front plate (serie 5E2GB)
  • Roller kit to replace latch bolt (ref. CV1E5)
  • Complete range of strike plates
  • Complete range of cylinders
  • Latch bolt and dead bolt
  • Cylinder not included
  • Latch bolt and dead bolt
  • Cylinder not included